The Path to Prime

No matter what stage you're at or how you got there, we will help you rebuild and repair your credit history. This is your path to prime

  • 1. Get on the Right Track

    1-3 months

    Some people, when they are first starting out to build their credit, they don’t even know where to begin. If this is you, let's build a plan together.

  • 2. Establish Revolving Credit

    3-6 months

    The next step is to start building trust and good-will with some revolving credit. Everyone we help at this stage is guaranteed an approval for a credit card so they can start rebuilding.

  • 3. Maintain an Installment Loan

    6-12 months

    This installment loan for a vehicle is the next benchmark where your credit can build much faster. Even if other banks and creditors refuse your application, we can begin an interview process for our in-house approval

  • 4. Enter Interest Rate Reduction Program

    12-24 months

    Now that your installment credit has improved, you will be eligible for a lower interest rate. Here, we will find the solution that best suits you in your path to prime.

  • 5. Prime Interest!

    24-36 months

    Congrats! Your hard work and dedication to build your credit has paid off! Let's get you into the vehicle you really want long-term at the lowest possible interest rate. Also, your financial position will present opportunities to work with people in our network that can help you get pre-approved for a house, investment opportunities, and more!

  • Which
    Step are
    You At?

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